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Lakeview Family Dental is proud to offer a brand new instrument called DentalVibe. When it comes to visiting the dentist, many people have a fear, due to the pain they are going to experience. With DentalVibe, this patented instrument has been designed to specifically create a pain-free visit and help to block out the pain of the oral injections you receive when having your gums and mouth numbed for any procedure that you have done.


Pain-Free Injections

The soothing micro pulsations are not only going to block out any of the pain that you would feel from the injection but they are also a great distraction. Not only is our office going to use the DentalVibe device for a pain-free injection, but our dental services will result in your finest looking smile.

If you need to have a tooth filled, or if you have a chipped tooth, cosmetic work is offered. With the DentalVibe, you don’t have to be worried about the pain you will experience at the injection site, when you are getting your mouth numbed to have the filling work done, or to have the chipped tooth in your mouth perfectly repaired.


Compliment Your Visit With DentalVibe

Bridges, crowns, whitening, or a simple cleaning are all services that any patient (both adults and children), can have completed when you choose our dentist office in Sylmar for the care that you need for your teeth. Our team of trained dental professionals will not only provide the highest level of care but we also guarantee a pain-free visit with the use of DentalVibe device we use on patients.

Many people have a fear of dentists because of the pain they believe they are going to experience each time they go in for an office visit. At Lakeview Family Dental this is no longer the case. As a leading dentist in Sylmar, not only will we create a comfortable atmosphere for patients, with DentalVibe, patients can be rest assured they are not going to feel a thing when they visit us. For a pain-free visit and a DentalVibe provider in Sylmar, visit Lakeview Family Dental.


Teeth Cleaning

Lakeview Family Dental offers high quality professional teeth cleaning in Sylmar. We put a strong emphasis on preventive care with regard to maintaining healthy strong and attractive looking teeth. By fostering good dental practices such as routine professional teeth cleaning and checkups, our patients are assured the best dental care possible.


Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are dentures that are fused onto existing teeth or implants. The types of bridges differ, based on how they are created and attached. To make a proper fitting, our Sylmar dentists have ways of reducing and preparing the teeth. If you think you may be a candidate for dental bridges in Sylmar, contact Lakeview Family Dental. Our professionals work with patients of all ages and afflictions throughout the Lake View Terrace area.


Dental Fillings

If you are in need of dental fillings in Sylmar, visit Lakeview Family Dental. Dental fillings are used to treat cavities and repair cracked or broken teeth. Although cavities can be prevented with good dental hygiene, sometimes uncontrollable factors such as family history can be a contributing factor. Learning that you have a cavity can be unpleasant but we make the treatment process as easy and pain-free as possible for you and your family.


Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a type of restoration, or cap that covers most or all of the tooth. A crown is required when the tooth has been broken or destroyed by decay or the filling is old and large, putting the tooth at risk. It is also recommended after a root canal, as there is no longer any blood flow into the tooth, thus weakening the remaining structure.


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