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Dental Bridges Specialist

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Dental care has made significant advances over the past 30 years, including improvement in dental bridges, which are restorations that securely replace missing teeth. The dental experts at Lakeview Family Dental in Pacoima, Lake View Terrace, Sylmar, California, offer customized dental bridges for a proper fit that completes your smile. Call 818-897-5055 today or book an appointment online for a dental bridge consultation.

Dental Bridges Q & A

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a type of denture that the team at Lakeview Family Dental fuses to your teeth for a secure fit. It literally bridges the gap between missing teeth and is a less invasive fix for missing teeth than complicated oral surgery.


What are the different types of dental bridges?

The types of bridges differ based on how they're created and attached to your mouth.

Traditional bridge

Use of a crown on either side of the gap to keep the replacement tooth in place. A traditional bridge is the most common type of bridge.

Maryland bonded bridge

This type of bridge uses metal or porcelain wings to secure the prosthetic tooth, so it’s less invasive than a traditional bridge because there’s no need to put crowns on your teeth.

Cantilever bridge

This is similar to a traditional bridge, but the prosthetic tooth is attached to one tooth instead of two.


What can I expect during placement of a dental bridge?

Fitting you with a dental bridge takes a few steps and may vary depending on the type of bridge you and the dental team determines is best for you. For the more common traditional bridge, the first step is the preparation of your supporting teeth for crown placement.

After your teeth have been prepared, a mold is made and used to create your permanent crown fixture. A temporary bridge is placed until your new, permanent bridge is ready.

Once your permanent bridge is ready, which can take time, the team at Lakeview Family Dental schedules you for permanent placement. Additional visits may be necessary to make adjustments for a secure fit so you feel comfortable.


What are the benefits of a dental bridge?

Bridges offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Improving the appearance of your smile
  • Providing support to your surrounding teeth
  • Preventing your teeth from shifting or falling out


The secure fit of a bridge also makes eating easier and improves your speech.

If you’d like to fill in the gap caused by missing teeth with a dental bridge, call the office or schedule an appointment using the online booking agent.