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Teeth Cleaning


Teeth Cleaning

Lakeview Family Dental offers high-quality professional teeth cleaning in Sylmar. We put a strong emphasis on preventive care with regard to maintaining healthy strong and attractive looking teeth. By fostering good dental practices such as routine professional teeth cleaning and checkups, our patients are assured the best dental care possible.


Remove Plaque and Tartar

Having your teeth professionally cleaned at least twice a year helps remove plaque and tarter. Even though you may brush and floss daily, it is still likely that you will miss plaque in hard to reach areas. Without visiting a dentist for regular teeth cleaning it’s almost impossible to remove all of the plaque and tarter from your mouth. Removing the maximum amount of plaque and tarter can help prevent cavities. Preventing plaque formation can also help reduce the chance of gum disease or gingivitis.



Latest Technology

We use the latest dental instruments. Having the most modern equipment helps to effectively provide our patients with the brightest smile possible while also helping to prevent cavities and gum disease. We use this equipment for tooth scaling and polishing and if too much tartar has accumulated then for debridement. For the best in highly effective teeth cleaning in Sylmar and Lake View Terrace, patients should contact our dental office today.

All new patients without insurance should also take advantage of our special offer. For only $85, new patients will receive a dental checkup, cleaning and x-ray. If you take advantage of this offer for cleaning, it also gives us the opportunity to carefully inspect your teeth for any potential problems that may develop at a later time. Teeth cleaning will keep your smile healthy and bright. Proper teeth cleanings play a vital role in the overall dental hygiene and dental health of patients at any age. Trust Lakeview Family Dental for professional teeth cleaning in Sylmar.


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